Madeira School North & South Dormitory Renovation

Location: McLean, VA

GC/CM:  Davis Construction

Completed: April 2019

Project Size: 26,000 Sq. Ft.

Project Type: K-12

Madeira School North & South Dormitory Renovation

This project consisted of a complete renovation of the North and South Dormitory Buildings and was performed over a course of two summers while the students were away. The entire scope of work included new interior and exterior lighting, lighting controls, switches, receptacles, panelboards, fire alarm system and mechanical equipment connections. The decades old lighting fixtures in the actual Dorm Rooms were taken down and refurbished prior to being reinstalled. This allowed a piece of the Campus’ history to remain intact as the rest of the building received a complete makeover. In addition to the interior renovations, there is a common plaza area in the courtyard that received new site lighting and power for an exterior fireplace.