Tilden Middle School/Rock Terrace Elementary School

Location: Bethesda, MD

GC/CM: Keller Construction Management

Completed: June 2020

Project Size: 244, 561 Sq. Ft.

Project Type: K-12

Tilden Middle School/Rock Terrace Elementary School

Tilden Middle School/Rock Terrace School is a 245,000 square foot building that is 2 separate schools in the same physical structure with 5 gyms, 2 stages, 2 media centers, a multimedia work room and a culinary arts lab.  There are 2 different bus loops, 2 full sets of school admin offices, 2 paging systems, 2 sets of clock and bell. The three-story section of the shared building is Tilden Middle School with 28 classrooms, 8 science labs, full admin office, interior courtyard and a dedicated elevator. The two-story section of the building houses all 5 gyms, both stages and media centers, greenhouse, culinary arts lab, kitchen and dining areas main utility sections and the Rock Terrace School.